Power Spray Disinfectant

General Details

Power Spray is a broad spectrum disinfectant ready to use, effective against bacteria, fungi, HIV, HCV and HBV virus. Power Spray’s main ingredient is didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride along with chlorhexidine and ethyl alcohol. Scented and with no colorants. It does not stain or corrode fabrics and plastic materials and easily dries.

Power Spray is commonly used in Dentistry in between patients, due to its fast disinfection of tools like instrument holders, work surfaces, lamps, chairs and dental chair sinks, even on surfaces with organic residuals on which it has an effective disinfection.


1000 ml with spray.


100g of product contain:

0,5 g. of didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride , 0,10 g. of chlorhexidine digluconate, non-ionic surfactant, aromatic essences in ethyl alcohol, co-formulants and purified water just enough for 100g.

How to use

Power spray is ready to use. It should be applied as is. It can be sprayed on the interested areas from a distance of 20 centimetres or by using a cloth or a  bandage fully soaked. Contact times in dirty conditions: 10 minutes. During the final step use a  clean cloth  and let dry.

Make sure that the surfaces are washable and disinfectable, be careful when using on voltage equipment, refer to the instructions of the device to be disinfected.

Keep closed at room temperature and away from sources of heat.